200 Prize Bond List 2021 Check Online Latest Draw Result & Date

Rs. 200 Prize Bond List 2020 Check Online Latest Draw Result and Draw Date

All about Rs. 200 Prize Bond Draw Result List Online Check

Prize Bond Rs. 200 List – It is possible to search online the Rs. 200 prize bond list 2021 and schedule. The people who want to buy their chosen denomination’s prize bond can get the National Savings 200 prize bonds details online. You can visit SBP’s official website or vumath.com to find out about the balloting dates for the 200 Rs. prize bonds as per plan.

Prize Bond is usually an investment made by the general public without any interest or premium. This is done on behalf of Government by all approved banks. But the award and cash prize is not guaranteed to be contingent on a person’s luck. But happily you will be able to satisfy your wishes and dreams if you win the Reward chain. In short prize bonding is regarded as an simple means of benefit gain.

Overview of Prize Bond 200 winners:

PrizesPrize BondNo. of PrizesWinning Amount
1stRs. 2001 Prize750000
2ndRs. 2005 Prizes250000
3rdRs. 2002394 Prizes1250

Check All Previous Lists of Prize Bond Rs. 200

Draw#Prize BondDraw DateCityView
#85Rs. 20015 March 2021FaisalabadCheck List
#84Rs. 20015 December 2020RawalpindiCheck List
#83Rs. 20015 September 2020PeshawarCheck List
#82Rs. 20015 June 2020QuettaCheck List
#81Rs. 20016 March 2020MuzaffarabadCheck List
#80Rs. 20016 December 2019PeshawarCheck List
#79Rs. 20016 September 2019LahoreCheck List
#78Rs. 20017 June 2019MuzaffarabadCheck List
#77Rs. 20015 March 2019MultanCheck List
#76Rs. 20017 December 2018HyderabadCheck List
#75Rs. 20017 September 2018HyderabadCheck List
#74Rs. 20019 June 2018MuzaffarabadCheck List
#73Rs. 20015 March 2018FaisalabadCheck List
#72Rs. 20015 December 2017LahoreCheck List
#71Rs. 20015 September 2017MuzaffarabadCheck List
#70Rs. 20015 June 2017KarachiCheck List
#69Rs. 20015 March 2017RawalpindiCheck List
#68Rs. 20015 December 2016MultanCheck List
#67Rs. 20015 September 2016PeshawarCheck List
#66Rs. 20015 June 2016FaisalabadCheck List
#65Rs. 20015 March 2016MuzaffarabadCheck List
#64Rs. 20015 December 2015FaisalabadCheck List
#63Rs. 20015 September 2015PeshawarCheck List
#62Rs. 20015 June 2015MuzaffarabadCheck List
#61Rs. 20016 March 2015HyderabadCheck List

Pakistan National Savings Centers

After Pakistan’s establishment, different economies policies are implemented to boost the people as well as meet the government’s financial requirements. In 1960, the Ministry of Finance, Government of Pakistan launched the prize bond scheme through Pakistan State Bank with the mission to provide the general public with the safe and secure way of investing capital. If people are interested in buying the prize bond 200, they can contact the National Savings Centers or all commercial bank branches to get the prize bond 200 from there.

In addition to these legal securities, Pakistan State Bank has also instigated some rules and regulations for 200 Prize Bond and other types of bond. The rules specified that 200 Prize Bond and others should be issued within the 60 days of 200 Prize Bond draw, and within six years of drawing, the Prize Bond reward can be receive.

At different times, bond denomination had issued in the country in different value including Rs. 5, 11, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000 and 25000. However, today in Pakistan the bonds in circulation in 8 different denominations; 100 Rs. Prize Bond, Prize Bond Rs. 200, 750 Prize Bond and many others. denomination is different from another one and consists of various prize amounts and Prize circulation. The outcome of the Prize Bond 200 and other bond performance, however, is based on three grades, which are first, second and third. Just check out the 2021 list of 200 reward bonds on this page.

Rs. 200 Prize Bond Schedule 2021

Draw# Prize Bond Date City Draw Result
#85 Rs. 200 15-03-2021 Faisalabad View List
#86 Rs. 200 15-06-2021 Peshawar View List
#87 Rs. 200 15-09-2021 Muzaffarabad View List
#88 Rs. 200 15-12-2021 Hyderabad View List

Lawn: 50% Off

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