Jazz Caller Tune (Activate/ Deactivate Code)

Jazz Caller Tune Code

Jazz Caller Tune & How to Activate or Deactivate

Jazz Caller TuneCodes
How to Activate/SubscribeDial 230 or send ‘sub’ to 230
How to Deactivate/UnsubscribeDial 230 or send ‘unsub’ to 230
Price Rs.2.01/ Day
IVR ChargesRs. 0.72/Min (By dialing 2301)
IVR ChargesRs. 2.84/Min (By dialing 230)
SMS Charges (To Download Content)Rs. 7.99 + tax
To Block Jazz tunesDial *2302*1#
To Unblock Jazz tunesDial *2302*2#
Random RBT SubscriptionSend Sub to 6007
Random RBT UnsubscriptionSend Unsub to 6007

Other Info:

You can browse and download yon their own choice Apni Dhun on the Apni Dhun 230 IVR Menu from the following listed:

  • Pakistani (New Releases, Top 10, Ghazals, Punjabi, Pop, Balochi, Pushto, Sindhi, Others)
  • English (Top 10, Classics, New Releases, Rock, RnB, Others)
  • Asian (Top 10, New Releases, Punjabi, Classics, Others)
  • Arabic (Top 10, New Releases, Classics)
  • Religious
  • Jazz Themes
  • Instrumental
  • Movies
  • Miscellaneous

Terms & Conditions

  • Both prepaid and postpaid customers can avail Jazz tunes offer
  • Content library for Apni Dhun is the same as that of Mobitunes.
  • Both has seperately charges if you have activate both offer Mobitunes & Apni Dhun at same time
  • Warid customers can not avail Apni Dhun offer

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