Telenor Call Packages Weekly, Monthly & Daily Updated (October 2020)

Telenor Call Packages Weekly, Monthly & Daily Updated

Prepaid/ Postpaid Telenor Daily Weekly & Monthly Call Packages List

Telenor Call Packages: Telenor Telecommunication is proud to have the highest number of customers from around the world. It has 176 million family members in Central Eastern Europe , Asia and Scandinavia, from 12 countries. The secret behind Telenor telecom’s enormous success is its high-quality voice packages, better communications networks and data packages in roughly 12 Asian and European countries.

Telenor is the powerful owner of Pakistan ‘s telecommunication industry kingdom with more than 43 million subscribers. What separates it and gives it an advantage over the competitors out there is seamless provision of open communication in the country’s northern, mountainous areas. If all networks crash, you’ll still be able to catch Telenor signals and still have a spotty, but bearable, Internet connection with 2G.

Daily Call Package

Offer NameProvide OfferPriceSubscribe
Full Day OfferUnlimited On-net minutes and 60 MB internetRs. 13*5*250#
Din Bhar OfferUnlimited On-net minutes, and 20 MB (Valid from 12AM to 7PM)Rs. 8*5*727#
100 Minute Mini Budget100 On-net minutes, 300 SMSRs. 18*050#
Daily OfferUnlimited On-net minutes and 20 MB (Valid from 6AM to 6PM)Rs. 10*345*006#
Mini Budget Package50 On-net minutes, 4MB & 300 SMSRs. 15*240#
24 hrs Poora Pakistan Offer75 MinutesRs. 16.73*345*24#

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Telenor Good Time Offer (2 Hours Package)

  • Price: Rs. 5.50
  • Provide Offer: Unlimited On-net minutes and 200 MB for Facebook
  • Duration: 2 hours (except 6pm to 9pm)
  • How to Subscribe: Dial *345*20#

Telenor 3 Days Call Packages

Offer NameProvide OfferPriceSubscribe
3 Day Super hitUnlimited On-net minutes (Except 7PM to 10PM)Rs. 34*345*299#
3 Day 3/3 Mini Budget600 On-net minutes, 300 SMS for all networks, 50MB InternetRs. 39*345*243#
3 Din Sahulat Offer250 On-net Minutes, 25 Off-net Minutes, 250 SMS and 50MB Internet + 100MB Social Packs (Valid from 7AM to 7PM)Rs. 40*5*3#
3 Day Din Bhar OfferUnlimited On-net minutes (Valid from 6AM to 6PM)Rs. 24*345*626#
Telenor Super 3300 On-net minutes, 300 SMS to all networks & 100MB internetRs. 40*5*300#

Telenor Weekly Call Packages (For 7 Days)

Offer NameProvide OfferPriceSubscribe
Haftawar Sahulat1000 On-net Minutes, 70 Off-net Minutes, 700 SMS and 100 MB Internet, also 350 MB for WhatsApp, Facebook & TwitterRs. 95*5*7#
EasyCard Weekly Package500 On-net minutes, 500 SMS, 50 Off-net minutes & 750MB internetRs. 170Load a card to subscribe the offer
Seven Day Mini Budget500 On-net minutes, 1000 SMS, & 50MB InternetRs. 86*345*247#
Haftawaar Chappar Phaar1200 On-net minutes and 70 MB internetRs. 50Activate it through Telenor Website or Telenor App

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Telenor Monthly Call Packages (Valid for 30 Days)

Offer NameProvide OfferPriceSubscribe
Telenor EasyCard500 On-net minutes, 50 Off-net minutes, 500 SMS & 500MBRs. 450Load a EasyCard to subscribe the offer
Mahana Rakhwala3000 On-net minutes, 3000 SMS & 300 MBRs. 418*345*30#
EasyCard Plus1500 On-net minutes, 150 Off-net minutes, 1500 SMS & 1.5GBRs. 600Load EasyCard Plus to subscribe

Postpaid Telenor On-Net Minutes Call Packages (Valid for 30 Days)

Offer NameProvide OfferPriceSubscribe
On-Net Bundle 250800 On-netRs. 250*345*832#
On-Net Bundle 500250 On-netRs. 550*345*833#

Telenor Off-Net Minutes Call Packages for Postpaid Customers (Valid for 30 Days)

Offer NameProvide OfferPriceSubscribe
Voice Bundle 5040 minutes for all networksRs. 50 + Tax*345*821#
Voice Bundle 250200 minutes for all networksRs. 250 + Tax*345*822#
Voice Bundle 550550 minutes for all networksRs. 550 + Tax*345*823#

Telenor Packages

Telenor gives its clients amazing call packages. It provides high-quality call services with the lower call rates. Here I will address with their prices all of Telenor ‘s daily, weekly and monthly call packages. It provides a variety of bundles and products to choose from, in its entirety. You can check your My Telenor App to see the ones listed there, make your call kit or contact the helpline to hear about the available choices.

Telenor Talkshawk and Djuice are both giving you the option to position calls at a much cheaper, competitive rate. Although Talkshawk takes an advantage over Djuice here, as the name implies, but they both have their perks. You can select the SIM of your choice or turn to the other option depending on your other preference.


Q. How can I add an FNF number in Telenor?

A. You can Dial 555 to add FnF or send “Add ” to 345.

Q. How can I check Telenor Remaining Minutes?

A. Dial #222* to check telenor remaining call package.