Telenor SMS Packages Updated Daily, Weekly & Monthly October 2020

Telenor SMS Packages Updated

Telenor is now one of the top providers of cost-effective services for customers in Pakistan. It will not only offer quality service but it also offers many packages that have less impact on the wallet of their customer. Telenor has launched numerous SMS packages to fill the appetite of the hungry SMS generation, anticipating the ever-growing interest of today’s crowd. We provide complete detail SMS packages provided by Telenor.

Hourly SMS Bundle

  • Rs. 6 charges to avail the offer
  • 60 Free SMS to all Network
  • On-Net Minutes: 60
  • 60 MBs Free Internet
  • Dial *99# to subscribe this bundle

Daily SMS Packages

Daily SMS packages are typically the perfect choice for individuals who are rarely free but want to talk with their friends and family on Sundays. Such people can opt for regular SMS packages that are not only cost-effective but offer a decent amount of SMS as well.

Daily SMS Bundle240 SMSDial *345*116#Rs. 4.78
Djuice Message Bundle300 SMSDial *2*2*1#Rs. 2.5
50 Minutes Mini Budget Offer300 SMS, 50 On-net minutes, 4MBsDial *240#Rs. 15
100 minutes Mini Budget Package300 SMS, 100 On-net minutesDial *050#Rs. 18
  • To check remaining Telenor Daily SMS, Dial *111# and to unsubscribe Dial *2*2*1#
  • To check remaining Djuice Daily Message Bundle, Dial *111#

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Telenor 3/3 Package

  • Rs. 50 Charges Fee to subscribe the bundle
  • 300 Free SMS to all Network, 600 On-net minutes, 50MBs internet data (2G, 3G,4G)
  • Dial *345*243# to activate this offer

Telenor 3 Din Sahulat Package

  • Rs. 52 to avail the offer
  • 250 SMS, 250 On-net + 25 Off-net Minutes, 50MBs + 100MB Social Packs
  • Dial *5*3# to activate this bundle

5 Days SMS Package

  • Rs. 8.5 to get this SMS bundle
  • 300 SMS to all network
  • To subscribe Dial *345*015# Or Dial 555

Prepaid – Telenor Weekly SMS Packages

The weekly SMS packages from Telenor are very fair and inexpensive for consumers. Every day, you do not have to go through the same subscription process. If you are a daily chat lover and need to have free SMS for the week to begin, just trigger the weekly SMS packages and enjoy the whole week.

Telenor Weekly SMS Package1200 SMS7 DaysFrom Telenor app or websiteRs. 15.5
DJUICE Weekly SMS Package1200 SMS, 100 MB WhatsApp7 DaysDial *2*2*2#Rs. 11.95
Easy card Weekly Package500 SMS, 500 On-net & 50 Off-net Minutes, 750MBs 7 DaysLoad an Easy Card recharge to subscribe this offerRs. 170
Haftawar Sahulat Package700 SMS, 1000 On-net, 70 Off-net Minutes, 100MBs + 350MBs Social7 DaysDial *5*7#Rs. 115
7 Days Mini Budget Package1000 SMS, 500 On-net minutes, 50MBs7 DaysDial *345*247#Rs. 86

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15 Days SMS Bundle

15 Day Economy SMS Bundle800 SMS15 DaysDial *345*112#Rs. 17
Djuice 15 day SMS bundle3500 SMS, 200 MBs WhatsApp15 DaysDial *2*2*5#Rs. 41.83
  • To check status of 15 days SMS bundle, Dial the code *111#.
  • Automatically expire after 15 days

Telenor Monthly SMS Packages for Prepaid Users

How to subscribe telenor monthly sms packages? Here, you will find out the complete detail regarded to activation procedure of sms bundle by telenor.

Telenor Monthly SMS Package6000 SMS30DaysDial *345*363#Rs. 47.8
Telenor Easy Card Plus Package1500 SMS, 1500 On-net, 150 Off-net minutes, 1.5 GBs30DaysLoad Easy Card PlusRs. 800
Djuice Monthly SMS Package10,000 SMS, 300 MBs 30DaysDial *2*2*3#Rs. 47.8
Mahana Rakhwala Package3000 SMS, 3000 On-net minutes, 300 MBs30DaysDial *345*30#Rs. 418

The organisation has proven to be among the best in Pakistan since the launch of Telenor network service. Company serves millions of customers from the start, and is doing its best with affordable packages to meet your demands. According to customer demands and needs, Telenor / djuice offers various SMS packages such as hourly, monthly, 3 day, weekly and monthly.