Warid Call Packages: Monthly, Daily, Weekly – Prepaid & Postpaid (October 2020)

Warid Call Packages of Daily, Weekly, Monthly Prepaid & Postpaid

All Know About Warid Prepaid & Post Call Packages Daily, Weekly & Monthly

How to subscribe Warid Call packages of Daily, Weekly and Monthly? vumath.com provide the complete detail with explanation of prepaid and postpaid Warid Call Packages. Also at here, you will find that how to subscribe and how to check status of these offers provided by warid.

Daily Prepaid Warid Call Packages

PackageOfferedPriceActivation Code
Daily Bundle200 on-net, 10 off-net minutes, 300 SMS, 30 MBsRs. 30+tax Dial *99*11#
Power Pack5 on-net min, 100 SMS, 5 MBsRs 4.99+taxSMS P to 7777
Pakistan OfferUnlimited minutes from 6pm-8pmRs.12+taxSMS PK to 4337.

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Warid Weekly Call Packages – Prepaid

Work From Home10GB Data, Unlimited Jazz Minutes (8:00 AM to 6:00 PM)7 DaysRs. 100Dial *117*14#
Poora Hafta Offer100 on-net min(mon-sat), 250 on-net min(Sunday), 1000 SMS, 250 MBs7 DaysRs.80 inlc.taxSMS WO to 3333
7 Day Offer700 on-net min, 70 off-net min, 700 SMS, 700 MBs7 DaysRs 110 incl.taxDial *99*7#

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Other Packages Warid Prepaid

PackageOfferedPriceActivation Code
Hourly Package11pm-7pm(Rs.4+tax/hour), 7pm-11pm(Rs.8+tax/hour)Rs.3+taxSend SMS FIND to 2742
Ghanta OfferRs.5 daily charges, 12am-6pm(Rs.2.9+tax/hour)Rs.2.99+taxSend SMS Gh to 3333
3 Day Bundle300 on-net min, 30 off-net min, 500 SMS, 500 MBsRs 70+taxDial *99*1#
Mahana Offer1500 on-net min, 100 off-net min, 1500 SMS, 1500 MBsRs 520 incl.taxDial *99*33#

Warid Packages for Postpaid Customers

All Net Super Call Package2500 on-net min, 500 off-net min, 2500 SMS, 2500 MBs30 DaysRs. 1000Dial *727#
All Net Mini Call Package2500 on-net min, 2500 SMS, 2500 MBs30 DaysRs. 400Dial *99*2#
All Net Lite Call Package1000 on-net min, 1000 SMS, 1000 MBs30 DaysRs. 200Dial *99*1#
All Net Smart Call Package1000 on-net min, 250 off-net min, 1000 SMS, 1000 MBs30 DaysRs. 500Dial *727#

Warid Telecommunication Organization

As we know, Warid recently merge with Jazz so that the Jazz and Warid call packages are same. Day by day Mobilink and Warid grow because they join their hands. Warid packages are really cheap and low rates. You must select an appropriate call package in minimum amounts of funds if you want to talk to your friends. Each organization is currently trying to surpass the other by offering consumers more exciting calling packages and Warid is one.

Jazz/Warid packages are great for any customer. The numerous call packages give you can dial day and night. Select Warid Daily, weekly and Monthly Packages of your own choosing for more details. For more information please read below. Complete subscription and un-subscription and product price and validity, as well as free tools can be found in Warid Packaging.