Warid Internet Packages Weekly, Daily & Monthly Prepaid & Postpaid (September 2020)

Warid Internet Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly and postpaid internet packages

Complete Information about Warid Internet Packages Monthly, Weekly and Daily

Warid Internet Packages – Warid is one of Pakistan’s leading telecom sector which is providing excellent internet packages at various rates and volumes on an hourly, daily, 3 Days weekly and monthly basis. Moreover, it also offer Warid Internet SIM Cards Offer and warid postpaid packages. Warid is among Pakistan’s most prominent telecom companies. It should be shocking to learn that Warid and Mobilink Jazz fusioned together as one company in 2015, but Warid’s customers are still individual. Warid has also launched 4G LTE services like other mobile providers, so you will benefit from Warid ‘s reasonable prices of internet packages.

How to Subscribe Hourly Data Bundles?

To activate warid hourly internet packages, you need to dial the specific code which is given to each offer and also code to check status is also be mentioned. For example, to activate Hourly extreme offer, dial the code *846# from your keypad of mobile and 4G LTE bundle you require to type a message “Dh4” on message box of your mobile and send to the number 7777.

Super Ghanta Offer

  • Offer Name: Super Ghanta Offer
  • Price of this bundle: Rs. 9 bama Tax
  • Data Provide: 1024 MBs
  • Expiry Time: Next One Hours
  • How to activate: Dial *638#
  • How to check remaining mbs: Dial *638*2#
  • To deactivate: Dial *638*4#

Hourly Data Package

  • Offer Name: Hourly Extreme Package
  • Price of this bundle: Rs. 20
  • Data Provide: 2048 MBs
  • Expiry Time: Next Two Hours
  • How to subscribe: Dial *846#
  • How to check remaining data: Dial  *117*24*2# or *846*2#

Note: This bundle can be avail from 1:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Warid 4G LTE Offer

  • Offer Name: 4G LTE Offer
  • Price of this bundle: Rs. 10
  • Data Provide: 100 MBs
  • Expiry Time: Next Four Hours
  • How to subscribe: To activate Send SMS Dh4 to 7777
  • How to check remaining data: Dial the Code *200*415#

2G LTE Bundle

  1. Offer Name: Night LTE Offer
  2. Price of this bundle: Rs. 0.99
  3. Data Provide: 1024 MBs
  4. Expiry Time: Next Nine Hours (Only for 12:00 AM to 9:00 AM)
  5. How to activate: Send SMS RB 2G to 7777

Warid Night Offer

  • Offer Name: All Night Offer
  • Price of this bundle: Rs. 5
  • Data Provide: 10 GBs
  • Expiry Time: Next Nine Hours
  • How to activate: Send sms RB 4G to 777

Prepaid Warid Daily Data Bundles

Mostly mobile users need internet in cell phones in this modern era. In Pakistan, smart phone users are rising every day, with Internet demand growing automatically and mobile operators want to use Internet packages for everyday use. This telecommunication is for the everyday use of the Internet. It offers different choices of its subscribers’ daily packages.

Daily Social Package500MBs (WhatsApp & Facebook)1 DayRs. 7Dial *114*5#Dial *114*5*2#
Daily Peak-Off-Peak100MB & 1100 MB (2:00 AM – 2:00 PM)1 DayRs. 24Dial *117*4#Dial *117*4*2#
Daily SMS & WhatsApp Bundle1800 SMS & 10MB WhatsApp1 DayRs. 7.20Dial *334#Dial *334*2#
Daily Social Recursive Package200MBs (WhatsApp & Facebook)1 DayRs. 6Dial *455#Dial *455*2#
Daily Browser Offer50MB1 DayRs 11.95Dial *117*11#Dial *117*11*2#

Ultimate Facebook & Whatsapp

  • Price of this bundle: Rs. 1 Including Tax
  • Data Provide: 1024 MBs
  • Expiry Time: For 1 Day
  • How to activate: Send SMS FW to 7777
  • To Check Status: Send FB off to 7777

Daily Mini Offer

  • Price of this bundle: Rs. 12 Including Tax
  • Data Provide: 15 MBs
  • How to activate: SMS 15 MB to 7777
  • To Check Remaining MBs: Dial *200*4# 

Daily Max Offer

  • Price of this bundle: Rs. 10 Including Tax
  • Data Provide: Unlimited
  • How to activate: SMS UL to 7777
  • To Check Remaining Bundle: Dial *200*4# 

Warid 3 Day Bundles

Warid 3 Day Internet Packages are built to provide consumers with the opportunity to use different free services over three full days without thinking about balance. In these offer include browser and extreme which provide 100MBs and 500 MBs respectively. The extreme offer can be use from 2AM to 2pM. These offers can be subscribe in Rs. 25 and Rs. 18 including tax.

For Browser100MB Data3 DaysRs. 25Dial *117*1#Dial *117*1*2#
To Extreme500MB Data3 Days (2AM to 2PM)Rs. 18Dial *114*14#Dial *114*14*2#

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Warid Weekly Internet Packages Prepaid

This networking service provides its customers a single weekly internet subscription. Because, it presents an impressive net subscription for weekly use and the network’s biggest subscribers expect to enable Warid weekly internet packages. Many people who use the Internet through cellular telephones have this feature created so they don’t take into account daily offers to subscribe for use to all those people who only want the package to be used for a week.

Weekly Bundle

  • Data: 250 MBs
  • Charges: 35 Including Tax
  • How to Subscribe: SMS WM to 7777
  • To Check Remaining MBs: Dial *200*9#

How to Activate Warid Weekly Net Packages?

See below table to avail weekly warid offer and type activation code which is given in table.

Social Offer5 GB for IMO, WhatsApp & Facebook7 DaysRs. 60Dial *660#Dial *660*2#
Mega Offer7GB Data7 DaysRs. 200Dial *159#Dial *159*2#
Mega Plus20 GB (10GB 2AM – 2PM)7 DaysRs. 250Dial *453#Dial *453*2#
Extreme Offer2.5 GB ( 2:00 AM – 2:00 PM)7 DaysRs. 72Dial *117*14#Dial *117*14*2#
Premium Offer3GB Data7 DaysRs. 147Dial *117*47#Dial *117*47*2#
Youtube offer5 GB Youtube Data7 DaysRs. 80Dial *570#Dial *570*2#
Work From Home10GB Data, Unlimited Jazz Minutes (8:00 AM to 6:00 PM)7 DaysRs. 100Dial *117*14#Dial *117*14*2#
Streamer Offer1GB Data7 DaysRs. 95Dial *117*7#Dial *117*7*2#
Weekly Plus Offer12 GBs (6GB 2 AM – 2 PM)7 DaysRs. 210Dial *157#Dial *157*2#

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Warid Monthly Internet Packages for Prepaid Users

Many cellular operators are connected to social networks in a huge amount and create four different internet choices for the next three months to communicate and talk with friends. Customers only need to login once and experience the best Internet service without problems for one month.

How to Activate Warid Monthly Net Packages?

See below table to avail monthly warid offer and type activation code which is given in table.

Details of Warid ‘s internet packages for monthly can be found below.

Extreme Package5 GBs (2:00 AM – 2:00 PM)30 DaysRs. 120Dial *117*34#Dial *117*34*2#
Mega Plus Offer12 GB (6GB 2 AM – 2 PM)30 DaysRs. 600Dial *117*30#Dial *117*30*2#
Browser Offer4 GB (2GB 2 AM – 2 PM)30 DaysRs. 215Dial *117*77#Dial *117*77*2#
Mega Package8 GB (4GB 2 AM – 2 PM)30 DaysRs. 375Dial *117*31#Dial *117*31*2#
Supreme Package20GB (10GB 2 AM – 2 PM)30 DaysRs. 885Dial *117*32#Dial *117*32*2#

Other Warid Monthly Net Packages

10 MBs Data
Rs. 30 Including Tax
To subscribe Send SMS 10 MB to 7777
To check status Dial *200*3#
100 MBs Data
Rs. 99.99 Including Tax
To subscribe Send SMS 100 MB to 7777
To check status Dial *200*3#
500 MBs Data
Rs. 150 Including Tax
To subscribe Send SMS 500 MB to 7777
To check status Dial *200*3#

Data SIM Offer – Warid Prepaid

In addition to the above-mentioned bundles, Warid offers its valued users various internet SIM cards. SIM cards for calls and SMS are not available. You can only use them for net bundle. Check all the packages about internet SIM cards.

Internet Heavy Offer150GB (75GB 1am-9am)30 DaysRs 2500Dial *117*74#Dial *117*74*2#
Internet Regular Offer60 GB (30 GB 1am-9am)30 DaysRs 1500Dial *117*73#Dial *117*73*2#
Smart Monthly 4G Data SIM Package15GB (7.5 1AM – 9AM)30 DaysRs 600Dial *117*35#Dial *117*35*2#
Social Offer6GB (Facebook & Whatspp)30 DaysRs 150Dial *117*45#Dial *117*45*2#
Internet Basic Package25 GB Data (15 GB 1AM-9AM)30 DaysRs 99Dial *117*71#Dial *117*71*2#
Internet Mega100GB (50 1AM – 9AM)30 DaysRs 2000Dial *117*36#Dial *117*36*2#

Postpaid Warid Internet Packages

Warid prepaid users get loads of internet packages every day, every week and every month. But, Warid also provides users with a range of internet packages. These shipments have enough MBs for 30 days to use. All packages are for 30 days available.

PackagesVolumeValidityPriceActivate & Status
Streamer Package
2 GB Data
30 DaysRs. 250Dial *446#
Premium Package5 GB Data30 DaysRs. 500Dial *446#
Supreme Offer14 GB Data30 DaysRs. 800Dial *446#
Super Package24 GB Data30 DaysRs. 1200Dial *446#
Ultimate Offer50 GB Data30 DaysRs. 2200Dial *446#

Warid Net Packages

Today our lives are more stuck for nothing. The warm Internet connection is more comfortable and quick. The warid internet and jazz packages are much smaller and cheaper, and the data is much more costly. Every individual like its. Before merging Mobilink & warid telecom network, warid offers huge number of bundles with appropriate prices. Now, both jaza/warid customers can avail offer because with merging both telecommunication companies, all Jazz/Warid Net Packages are also same codes.

Terms & Condition

  • Applicable taxes are included in rates. (if any) (if any)
  • In 2 G, 3 G and LTE networks internet packs can be subscribed and consumed. This can be absorbed within the LTE network at LTE speed and within the 3 G & 2 G network as quickly as possible.
  • This service is true only with Warid Prepaid and Glow customers.
  • Your cell phone & SIM should be powered by LTE in order to use LTE services. Please visit the nearest Warid Center or franchise for the LTE SIM
  • Real internet speed will depend on many factors, such as device, accessible websites, prime time, number of simultaneous users, network site distance, etc.
  • Internet packages offered do not upgrade automatically. Bundles must be registered until they expire.
  • Wait * 443 # to enable LTE Internet
  • You are charged according to tax allowance i.e. if you are not subscribed to one bundle. 3.59/ MB PKR. The pulse of charge is 512 kB
  • For validity and validation of remaining MBs, dial the FREE status codes.
  • The average volume of rs . 1 / MB is relevant
  • For further details, dial 321, or contact your business / franchise nearest