Warid SMS Packages: Monthly, Weekly, Daily Updated (October 2020)

Warid SMS Packages 2020 for Monthly, Weekly, Daily (Prepaid & Postpaid)

Choose Best One Warid SMS Packages Monthly, Daily and Weekly

Warid SMS packages are great with respect to prices and number of messages provided by warid network. Not only does this sms service give the users the ability to pick the product they need, it also provides them with the opportunity to make full use of these packages.

Warid has developed SMS packages to fulfill these needs, which make people’s lives stress-free. Warid SMS offer allows users to send as many messages as they want.

Its expiry, number of messages that are received and prices of SMS packages are very useful for these packages. Warid SMS bundle are flexible enough for you to select according to your needs. It is also provides its customers with the facilitation they need. Warid offers its customers on reasonable rates daily , weekly and weekly SMS packages.

Prepaid – Warid Daily SMS Packages

Choose daily warid sms packages with prepaid and enjoy whole a day. Warid day bundle give you 300 SMS, 200 on-net minutes, 10 off-net minutes and 30 MBs internet data. The rate of this bundle is only Rs. 30 + tax. Remaining bundle can be seen below table:

PackagePriceOffer DetailValidityCode
Daily BundleRs. 30+tax300 SMS, 200 on-net, 10 off-net minutes, 30 MBs1 Day Dial *99*11#
Power PackRs 4.99+tax100 SMS, 5 on-net min, 5 MBs1 DaySMS P to 7777
Warid Sindh PackageRs. 12 Including Tax1500 SMS+Unlimited On-Net Minutes+ 250 MBs1 Day*522# to activate, *522*2# for status
Super Daily Offer
Rs. 17 Including Tax
50 SMS+Unlimited On-Net Minutes+150 MBs1 Day*212# to activate, *212*2# for status
Apna Shehar PackageRS. 10 + Tax1500 SMS+Unlimited On-Net Minutes+100 MBsRaat 12 baje tak*229# to activate, *229*2# for status
Har Din PackageRs. 28 Including Tax500 SMS+500 On-Net Minutes+5 off-net minutes+500 MBs1 DayDial *114*4# or *558# to activate
Day BundleRs. 13 Including Tax300 SMS+300 on-net minutes+20 MBsraat 12 Bajy tk*340# to activate, *340*2# for status
LBC KPKRs. 10 + Tax1500 SMS+Unlimited On-Net Minutes+1000MBsRaat 12 Baje Tak*291# to activate, *291*2# for status
Super F&F PackageRs. 10 Including TaxUnlimited SMS+Unlimited On-Net Minutes1 DayDial *141*F&F-Number#
Warid Punjab PackageRs. 7.20 + Tax100 SMS+100 On-Net Mintues1 Day*6000# to activate, *6000*2# to for status
Karachi Daily Hybrid PackageRs. 12 Including Tax1500 SMS+Unlimited On-Net Minutes+250 MBs1 Day*400# to activate, *400*2# for status

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3 Day SMS Bundle

Warid bring for their prepaid customer 500 SMS alog with extra bundle such as 300 warid and jazz minutes and 500 MBs.

PackageOfferedValidityPriceActivation Code
3 Day Bundle300 on-net min, 30 off-net min, 500 SMS, 500 MBs3 DayRs 70+taxDial *99*1#

Warid Prepaid Weekly SMS Packages

Every week of Warid SMS Package are planned to cater to all your requirements. The Warid glow SMS budget-friendly packages make it easy for you to maintain contact with your friends and your family for an entire week without worrying about your mobile balance. Full details such as subscription codes, prices, validity and Warid SMS Bundles are provided below:

PackagePriceOffer DetailValidityCode
Poora Hafta OfferRs.80 Including Tax100 on-net min(mon-sat)+250 on-net min(Sunday)+1000 SMS+250 MBs7 DaysSMS WO to 3333
7 Day OfferRs 110 Including Tax700 on-net min+70 off-net min+700 SMS+700 MBs 7 DaysDial *99*7#
Haftawar All Rounder PackageRs. 113 Including Tax1000 SMS+1000 On-Net Minutes+50 off-net minutes+250 MBs7 Days*747# to activate, *747*2# for status
Warid Haftawar OfferRs. 115 Including Tax1000 SMS+1000 On-Net Minutes+20 Off-Net Minutes+500 MBs7 Days*407# to activate, *407*2# for status
Mega Weekly Super Duper OfferRs. 250 Including Tax2500 SMS+2500 On-Net Minutes+50 Off-Net Minutes+5GB Internet7 Days*505# to activate, *505*2# for status
Weekly All Network OfferRs. 155 Including Tax1000 SMS+1000 On-Net Minutes+50 Off-Net Minutes+1000 MBs7 Days*700# to activate, *700*2# for status
Weekly Super Duper OfferRs. 200 Including Tax1500 SMS+1500 On-Net Minutes+50 Off-Net Minutes+3000 MBs7 Days*770# to activate,  *770*2# for status

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Subscribe Prepaid Warid Monthly SMS Packages

Various users of Warid enjoy text instead of calling. In fact, mostly people are so busy and cannot to attend call. Therefore, you avoid call and send an SMS for all you do. You love chatting with them and every day using text services. And other people only use these text messages for official purposes.

You choose to subscribe to an SMS plan for a long time. Warid puts amazing SMS packages for them every month. As a Warid customer, you’ll love to have all those packages, as the following details of warm monthly SMS packages are given with free MBS, minutes, social information, etc.

PackagePriceOffer DetailValidityCode
Mahana OfferRs 520 Including Tax1500 on-net min, 100 off-net min, 1500 SMS, 1500 MBs30 DayDial *99*33#
Monthly Super Duper CardRs. 600 Including Tax2000 SMS+2000 On-Net Minutes+150 Off-Net Minutes+2000 MBs30 Days*601# to activate, *601*2# for status
Monthly Super Duper OfferRs. 577 Including Tax3000 SMS+3000 On-Net Minutes+150 Off-Net Minutes+3000 MBs30 Days*706# to activate,  *706# for status
Monthly Hybrid BundleRs. 444 Including Tax1000 SMS+10000 On-Net Minutes+50 Off-net minutes+1000 MBs30 Days (Daily 333 Minutes limit)*430# to activate,  *430*2# for status
DG Khan Monthly OfferRs. 300 Including Tax4000 SMS+2000 On-Net Minutes+200 Off-Net Minutes+2000 MBs30 Days*705# to activate, *705*2# for status
Monthly Super Duper Plus OfferRS. 977 Including Tax5000 SMS+5000 On-Net Minutes+300 Off-Net Minutes+10 GB internet30 Days*707# to activate, *707*2# for status
Shahdadkot Monthly OfferRs. 300 Including Tax4000 SMS+2000 On-Net Minutes+200 Off-Net Minutes+2000 MBs30 Days*873# to activate, *873*2# for status
Monthly All Rounder PackageRs. 596 Including Tax1500 SMS+200 minutes to All Network+5000 MBs30 Days*2000# to activate, *2000*2# for status

SMS Packages for Postpaid Customer

The users who want to enjoy with warid packages of postpaid, then you choose bundle from below. The postpaid monthly offer can be subscribe from the range Rs. 200 to Rs. 1000.

All Net Super Call Package2500 SMS, 2500 on-net min, 500 off-net min, 2500 MBs30 DaysRs. 1000Dial *727#
All Net Mini Call Package2500 SMS, 2500 on-net min, 2500 MBs30 DaysRs. 400Dial *99*2#
All Net Lite Call Package1000 SMS, 1000 on-net min, 1000 MBs30 DaysRs. 200Dial *99*1#
All Net Smart Call Package1000 SMS, 1000 on-net min, 250 off-net min, 1000 MBs30 DaysRs. 500Dial *727#

Briefly Information About Warid Telecom

Warid has a much smaller product base and far less consumer experience, so that why customers are not fully happy with the jazz network and now people are coming to the jazz network and enjoying all the advantages of this now-warid network has great package launch for their consumer. Warid is also the most popular network in Pakistan and develops most rapidly in cities across Pakistan. In the past, people were upset with this network because they didn’t have a strong customer service when they interacted with the consumer of the jazz network.

Warid Daily, Weekly, and Monthly SMS offers for prepaid and postpaid customers exciting packages where unlimited SMS can be enjoyed at very low rates.

Terms & Conditions

  • You will be deducted from your account balance if you send any message outside of Canada.
  • All of the above packages are for Warid users only.
  • You can only use an offer at a time after the existing offer has expired.
  • The Business will subtract more from all the products above, not including GST.
  • Use the code with every package if you want to search your remaining sms.
  • If your account doesn’t have enough cash, your offer is automatically disabled.