Zong Call Packages of Hourly, Daily, Weekly & Monthly Full List (October 2020)

Zong Call Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly latest updated complete list

Prepaid & Postpaid Zong Call Packages Monthly, Daily, Hourly & Weekly

Zong Call Packages > Zong is become large network of Pakistan and provide lot of call packages with lowest prices so that everyone can avail this offer. At here, we provide zong call packages which are prepaid and postpaid. If you worried that how to subscribe or code of activation of zong call package, then you don’t worry because you are at right place.

Daily Packages

Zong provide daily call packages which can be utilized for 24 hours. Hello Package, Flutter Package and Full Gup Offer are wonderful zong packages and like these other packages with their detail given below:

Package NameFree OfferValidityActivatePrice
Zong Hello Package150 Zong Minutes, 150 SMS, 50 MBs1 DayDial *2200*1#Rs. 12
Excl. Tax
Zong Flutter Package120 Zong Minutes, 120 SMS, 50 MBs1 DayDial *369#Rs. 12
Excl. Tax
Zong Perfect Bundle10000 Zong Minutes, 500 SMS, 40 MBs1 Day
(10 PM to 7 PM)
Dial *118*2#Rs. 12
Excl. Tax
Sixer Zong Plus PackageUnlimited Zong Minuts, 500 SMS, 1 MB1 Day
(6AM to 6PM)
Dial *666#Rs. 8
Excl. Tax
Full Gup Offer75 Minutes, 100 SMS, 30 MBs1 DayDial *118*1#Rs. 5
Excl. Tax
Shandaar OfferUnlimited Zong Minutes, 800 SMS, 50 MBs1 DayDial *999#Rs. 12 + Tax

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Zong Weekly Call Packages – Prepaid

There are different zong weekly call packages which give unlimited on-net minutes, off-net minutes, sms and free MBs for 7 days. Let’s look that how to subscribe zong weekly call packages:

Package NameFree OfferValidityActivatePrice
Unlimited Weekly OfferUnlimited Zong Minutes, 150 SMS7 DaysSend SMS “PK7” to 522Rs. 63 Excluding Tax
Shandaar Weekly Offer500 Zong Minuts, 500 MBs, 40 off-net minutes, 500 SMS7 DaysDial *7#Rs. 120 Excl. Tax
Hello 7 Day Bundle100 On-Net Minutes, 100 SMS, 1 MB7 DaysDial 310, then type 4Rs. 45 + Tax
Haftawar Load Offer2500 on-net minutes, 2.5 GB internet, 2500 SMS, 80 off-net minutes7 DaysDial *70#Rs. 280 Excl. Tax
Hello 7 Day Bundle100 on-net minutes, 1 MB Internet, 100 SMS7 DaysDial 310, then type 4Rs. 45 Excl. Tax
All in One Package1000 on-net minutes, 1000 MB, 40 off-net minutes, 1000 SMS7 DaysDial *6464#Rs. 200 Excl. Tax

Monthly Zong Call Packages for Prepaid Users

Zong offer many prepaid month based call packages. The costumer enjoy with call packages and free MBs, SMS and off-net minutes for 30 days.

Packages NameOffered DetailValiditySubscription CodeSubscription Free
Supreme Plus Offer10000 on-net minutes, 10 GB + 4 GB Whatsapp, 600 off-net minutes, 10000 SMS30 DaysDial *6464#, -> 4 -> 4 -> 2Rs. 1750 Excl. Tax
Supreme Offer5000 on-net minutes, 5 GB + 4 GB Whatsapp, 300 off-net minutes, 5000 SMS30 DaysDial *6464#, -> 4 -> 2 -> 2Rs. 850 Excl. Tax
Monthly Power Pack 10002000 on-net minutes, 5GB Internet, 150 off-net minutes, 1500 SMS30 DaysDial 310, then type 4 and follow instructionRs. 1000 Excl. Tax
3 Months Power Pack 15008000 on-net minutes, 8 GB Internet, 200 off-net minutes, 3000 SMS30 DaysDial 310, then type 4 and follow instrucitonRs. 1500 Excl. Tax
Monthly Power Pack 5001000 on-net minutes, 2GB Internet, 50 off-net minutes, 1000 SMS30 DaysDial *70#Rs. 500 Excl. Tax
Shandaar Monthly Package1000 Zong Minutes, 1000 MBs, 100 off-net minutes, 1000 SMS30 DaysDial *1000#Rs. 370 Excl. Tax
All in One Offer2500 on-net minutes, 2.5 GB + 2.5 GB Whatsapp, 150 off-net minutes, 2500 SMS30 DaysDial *6464# and Press 4Rs. 580 Excl. Tax

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Other Packages

Zong provide Combo Pack and Super Student Package for 15 days and for 2 hours respectively with reasonable rates.

Zong Super Student Package
Rs. 5 Excluding Tax
120 On-Net Minutes & 30 MBs Free Internet Data
2 Hour Validity
Dial *5555# to Activate the Offer
Zong Combo Pack
Rs. 200 + Tax
50 On-Net Minutes & 3 GB Free Internet Data
15 Days Validity
Dial *15# to Activate the Offer

Zong Postpaid Call Packages

Some users like to gain postpaid packages instead of prepaid packages. At here, some postpaid call packages are available and you select of your choice.

PackagesOffered DetailValiditySubscription CodePrice
Z300500 Free On-Net Minutes 100 Off-Net Minutes 500 SMS 1GB Internet30 DaysDial 310Rs. 300+Tax
Z5001500 Zong Minutes, 250 Off-Net Minutes, 1000 SMS, 2GB30 DaysDial 310Rs. 365+Tax
Z900Unlimited Zong Minutes, 500 Off-Net Minutes, 2000 SMS, 4GB30 DaysDial 310Rs. 657+Tax
Z1500Unlimited Zong Minutes, 800 Off-Net Minutes, 4000 SMS, 8GB30 DaysDial 310Rs.1,095+Tax
Z3000Unlimited Zong Minutes, 1200 Off-Net Minutes, 5000 SMS, 25.6GB 30 DaysDial 310Rs.2,190+Tax

Zong Telecom

A telecom organization that offers a fantastic 3G and 4G coverage for its users is considered to be a mobile data network provider No 1 in Pakistan. A China Mobile corporation owned about 34 million telecoms subscribers. The network provider guarantees all its customers fast and secure text messages, calls and internet packages.

Zong Telecom Company’s headquarters are based in Islamabad , Pakistan. Because of its best mobile network services, it also has 21 percent of Pakistan ‘s top networks. In addition, Zong has different call packages for prepaid and postpaid customers, besides internet packages and SMS packages.

All the hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly call packages provided by the Zong are explained above. You are choose any one of them and enjoy with connected by calls your friends and family.

How to Check Zong Plans?

  • Dial *102*3# to check Zong remaining SMS
  • Send P to 102 to check Zong remaining minutes
  • Dial *222# to check Zong Balance
  • Send empty SMS to 911 to get Zong advance balance
  • To check Zong sim number dial *8#
  • To share Zong balance dial *828*Friend-Number*amount#