Prize Bond Schedule 2021 by National Saving of Pakistan (January to December)

Prize Bond Schedule 2020

Prize Bond Schedule 2021

Download and see online Prize Bond Schedule 2021 by the National Saving Center of Pakistan. In fact, upcoming lucky draw schedule of all saving bonds with draw number, held city, announce day and date. Accordingly, the timetable is updated annually with day, dates and cities in which the competition is coordinated by the national savings organization. Therefore, the entire amount of prize bonds is held 4 times in a year and repeat after every 3 months. Likewise, the present year 2021 full list of prize bond schedule from January to December having Rs. 100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000, 25000, 40000 prize bond draw plan will help you to finding the money to handle savings bonds.

The complete list of Pakistan Prize Bond by National Saving is announce at at start of the year. As the Saturday and Sunday has Federal Govt Public holiday, therefore, there is no draw in that days. You must be aware that these dates are considered empty in the list of prize bond schedule 2021.

You can download or check online complete calendar prize bond schedule 2021 provided by the National Saving of Pakistan.

Complete Calendar of Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2021

Rs.15000/-81January 02, 2021ThursdayQuettaUpcoming
Rs.750/-81January 15, 2021WednesdayKarachiUpcoming
Rs.7500/-81February 03, 2021MondayHyderabadUpcoming
Rs.25000/-32February 03, 2021MondayFaisalabadUpcoming
Rs.1500/-81February 17, 2021MondayRawalpindiUpcoming
Rs.100/-29February 17, 2021MondayPeshawarUpcoming
Rs.40000/-12March 10, 2021TuesdayMultanUpcoming
Rs.200/-81March 16, 2021MondayMuzaffarabadUpcoming
Rs.15000/-82April 01, 2021WednesdayFaisalabadUpcoming
Rs.750/-82April 15, 2021WednesdayHyderabadUpcoming
Rs.7500/-82May 04, 2021MondayPeshawarUpcoming
Rs.25000/-33May 04, 2021MondayRawalpindiUpcoming
Rs.1500/-82May 15, 2021FridayMuzaffarabadUpcoming
Rs.100/-30May 15, 2021FridayLahoreUpcoming
Rs.40000/-13June 10, 2021MondayKarachiUpcoming
Rs.200/-82June 15, 2021MondayQuettaUpcoming
Rs.15000/-83July 02, 2021ThursdayHyderabadUpcoming
Rs.750/-83July 15, 2021WednesdayMuzaffarabadUpcoming
Rs.7500/-83August 03, 2021MondayFaisalabadUpcoming
Rs.25000/-34August 03, 2021MondayLahoreUpcoming
Rs.1500/-83August 17, 2021MondayMultanUpcoming
Rs.100/-31August 17, 2021MondayQuettaUpcoming
Rs.40000/-14September 10, 2021ThursdayRawalpindiUpcoming
Rs.200/-83September 15, 2021TuesdayPeshawarUpcoming
Rs.15000/-84October 01, 2021ThursdayMultanUpcoming
Rs.750/-84October 15, 2021ThursdayLahoreUpcoming
Rs.7500/-84November 02, 2021MondayKarachiUpcoming
Rs.25000/-35November 02, 2021MondayPeshawarUpcoming
Rs.1500/-84November 16, 2021MondayQuettaUpcoming
Rs.100/-32November 16, 2021MondayFaisalabadUpcoming
Rs.40000/-15December 10, 2021ThursdayHyderabadUpcoming
Rs.200/-84December 15, 2021TuesdayPeshawarUpcoming

Prize Bond Schedule 2020

Rs.15000/-81January 02, 2020ThursdayQuettaView List
Rs.750/-81January 15, 2020WednesdayKarachiView List
Rs.7500/-81February 03, 2020MondayHyderabadView List
Rs.25000/-32February 03, 2020MondayFaisalabadView List
Rs.1500/-81February 17, 2020MondayRawalpindiView List
Rs.100/-29February 17, 2020MondayPeshawarView List
Rs.40000/-12March 10, 2020TuesdayMultanView List
Rs.200/-81March 16, 2020MondayMuzaffarabadView List
Rs.15000/-82April 01, 2020WednesdayFaisalabadView List
Rs.750/-82April 15, 2020WednesdayHyderabadView List
Rs.7500/-82May 04, 2020MondayPeshawarView List
Rs.25000/-33May 04, 2020MondayRawalpindiView List
Rs.1500/-82May 15, 2020FridayMuzaffarabadView List
Rs.100/-30May 15, 2020FridayLahoreView List
Rs.40000/-13June 10, 2020MondayKarachiView List
Rs.200/-82June 15, 2020MondayQuettaView List
Rs.15000/-83July 02, 2020ThursdayHyderabadView List
Rs.750/-83July 15, 2020WednesdayMuzaffarabadView List
Rs.7500/-83August 03, 2020MondayFaisalabadView List
Rs.25000/-34August 03, 2020MondayLahoreView List
Rs.1500/-83August 17, 2020MondayMultanView List
Rs.100/-31August 17, 2020MondayQuettaView List
Rs.40000/-14September 10, 2020ThursdayRawalpindiView List
Rs.200/-83September 15, 2020TuesdayPeshawarView List
Rs.15000/-84October 01, 2020ThursdayMultanView List
Rs.750/-84October 15, 2020ThursdayLahoreView List
Rs.7500/-84November 02, 2020MondayKarachiView List
Rs.25000/-35November 02, 2020MondayPeshawarView List
Rs.1500/-84November 16, 2020MondayQuettaView List
Rs.100/-32November 16, 2020MondayFaisalabadView List
Rs.40000/-15December 10, 2020ThursdayHyderabadUpcoming
Rs.200/-84December 15, 2020TuesdayPeshawarUpcoming

Prize Bond Pakistan National Saving Center

The Prize bonds are gold investment that is thus the form of security to which Rs.200, Rs.750, Rs.1,500, Rs.7,500, Rs.15,000,Rs.25000 and Rs.40,000 denominations are subject. The prize bond is given in number. Each pair of bonds comprises under 1,000,000 sets. There is no fixed return, but every fifth prize is drawn. The drawing methods are normal, and for every series the number of prizes is still the same. This means that a sequence of 50 Rs.200 price bonds is outstanding. We have 50 winners throughout every competition, and 150 winners from every competition.

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The rise in rates of profit on each of these schemes, as a result of the near-maturing certificates of protection saving, does not diminish the burden of dues by Rs. 150.000 or more. The Bond Scheme is really the only rescuer, given that they are baby-like.

When SBP declares the prize bond draw results 2021, also it needs to have access on its main site and the people are allowed to join there and get the great scope of the prize bond outcome. They are however requested to evaluate scheduled list of the prize bond draw list on the annual basis.

The government has established the prize bond scheme for the common people and gives them the opportunity to make money by winning the prizes. The trade in the award bond may be considered the golden chance for people to become wealthy in a very brief span of time.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. How can I check my Prize number?

A. You can check your prize bond in a simple way. Just check your prize bond from below Denomination lists and click on it. Then, new page open and that page contain all latest and previous prize bond lists.

Q. How old prize bond can be claimed?

A. If you have a winner and can not check due to some reason or forgot to check. Then, in case of winning draw prize bond, you can claimed your prize bond within 6 years.

Q. Can I download Prize Bond Schedule?

A. Yes, you can download prize bond complete schedule of year 2021 just by click to download button of above left-bottom corner of the schedule.

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