Prize Bond Schedule 2021: Draw Dates of Prize Bond Result

Prize Bond Schedule 2021

Pakistan National Saving Prize Bond Draw Schedule List 2021

In Pakistan, the Prize bond Schedule 2021 Scheme was launched in 1960 to collect money from people and award cash prizes based on lucky draws. This system helps the government to borrow billions of rupees from the people, but investors do not earn much in return. Let’s find out more. It is a kind of lottery bond. National Savings Pakistan offers the them. Show More

It is a kind of barrier investment that does not pay profit or premium. You can get this bond in different denominations. In Pakistan, you can find them in many denominations ranging from 100 to 40,000. You can check your number against the list of winning numbers posted on the site. If you find out that you have a matching number, you can contact the correct department for reward claims. In fact, it is a matter of opinion.

Please do not consider or view these bonds as investments. He considered buying a house for 30,000 about twenty-five years ago when he inherited it. The house recently sold for 120,000. The bonds that they. Bought at 30,000 as still priced at 30,000. These bonds will not make you money, they give you a safe and secure opportunity to change your life for the better.  Please remember premium bonds or you are not going to make money.

Upcoming: The result of prize bond Rs. 7500 of draw number 85 will be announce on February 1, 2021 in Lahore. All prize bond holder can check their prize bond list Rs. 7500 at our site

Complete Draw Calendar of Prize Bond Schedule from 1st January 2021 to 31st December 2021

Prize bondDraw#DateDayCityView List
Rs. 15,000#854 January 2021FridayMuzaffarabadView List
Rs. 750#8515 January 2021FridayHyderabadView List
Rs. 7,500#851 February 2021MondayLahoreUpcoming
Rs. 25,000#361 February 2021MondayN/AN/A
Rs. 1,500#8515 February 2021MondayQuettaUpcoming
Rs. 100#3315 February 2021MondayKarachiUpcoming
Rs. 40,000#1610 March 2021WednesdayRawalpindiUpcoming
Rs. 200#8515 March 2021MondayFaisalabadUpcoming
Rs. 15,000#861 April 2021ThursdayHyderabadUpcoming
Rs. 750#8615 April 2021ThursdayQuettaUpcoming
Rs. 7,500#863 May 2021MondayRawalpindiUpcoming
Rs. 25,000#373 May 2021MondayN/AN/A
Rs. 100#3417 May 2021MondayMultanUpcoming
Rs. 1,500#8617 May 2021MondayKarachiUpcoming
Rs. 40,000#1710 June 2021ThursdayMuzaffarabadUpcoming
Rs. 200#8615 June 2021TuesdayPeshawarUpcoming
Rs. 15,000#872 July 2021FridayQuettaUpcoming
Rs. 750#8715 July 2021ThursdayLahoreUpcoming
Rs. 25,000#382 August 2021MondayN/AN/A
Rs. 7,500#872 August 2021MondayKarachiUpcoming
Rs. 100#3516 August 2021MondayFaisalabadUpcoming
Rs. 1,500#8716 August 2021MondayMultanUpcoming
Rs. 40,000#1810 September 2021FridayPeshawarUpcoming
Rs. 200#8715 September 2021WednesdayMuzaffarabadUpcoming
Rs. 15,000#881 October 2021FridayKarachiUpcoming
Rs. 750#8815 October 2021FridayRawalpindiUpcoming
Rs. 25,000#391 October 2021FridayN/AUpcoming
Rs. 7,500#881 November 2021MondayMultanUpcoming
Rs. 1,500#8815 November 2021MondayFaisalabadUpcoming
Rs. 100#3615 November 2021MondayPeshawarUpcoming
Rs. 40,000#1910 December 2021FridayLahoreUpcoming
Rs. 200#8815 December 2021WednesdayHyderabadUpcoming

Prize Bond of Pakistan

For more information, you can check out the prize bond list. If you want to claim the prize money, you must complete the form and submit it along with your valid CNIC, your signed original prize bond, and a photocopy of your signed prize bond. The highest prize money on a Rs. 40,000 premium prize bond is Rs. 80,000,000. The second largest prize money is Rs. 75,000,000, which is regularly offered against a bond of Rs. 40,000. 

Whether you live inside or outside Pakistan, you can buy these Prize bond Schedule 2021 from any registered dealer or Schedule Bank. You cannot buy these bonds online. You can buy them at local banks, SBP offices, or National Savings. Although there are a lot of papers online estimates, they are of no use. There is no formula to determine which bond will win. It all depends on your luck because the system is based on lottery.

The choice to invest in a Prize bond Draw Schedule depends on the individual. Some people like the idea that if they choose to evacuate, their money will be available. Other people like the lottery kind of excitement and only invest for that purpose. Most investors believe that investing in more bonds will provide more opportunities for each individual to win prizes, even if the odds of winning statistics circulate more often than not.

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All About Prize Bond Draw List in Pakistan

The full prize bond draw schedule 2021 includes reward bond amount, date, city/place, date and drawing numbers from January through December 2021. If a public holiday is seen on the drawing day, it will be subject to alteration of the prize bond schedule 2021. Accordingly, the price bond schedule 2021 must be revised on the next date if a public holiday occurs in Pakistan.

If you have download new Prize bond Schedule list of year 2021, you can check the list of prize bonds to see if you have won any prize money. To be eligible to purchase a premium bond, you must be at least 16 years old and you must invest. Premium bonds are provided by National Savings and Investment, backed by HM Treasury, so your capital is perfectly safe. Premium bonds, on the other hand, though, give you the chance to win up to 1 million with many small prizes up to 50.

The list of prize bond draw calendar of Pakistan Prize Bond by National Saving Center is announce at at start of the year. As the Saturday and Sunday has Federal Govt Public holiday, therefore, there is no draw in that days. You must be aware that these dates are considered empty in the list of prize bond schedule 2021.

You can download or check online complete list of prize bond schedule 2021 provided by the National Saving of Pakistan.

Prize Bond Winner’s Amount

Prize Bond1st Prize2nd Prize3rd Prize
Rs. 100700,000 PKR
(1 Prize)
200,000 PKR
(3 Prizes)
1,000 PKR
(1199 Prizes)
Rs. 200750,000 PKR
(1 Prize)
250,000 PKR
(3 Prizes)
1,250 PKR
(2394 Prizes)
Rs. 7501,500,000 PKR
(1 Prize)
500,000 PKR
(3 Prizes)
9,300 PKR
(1696 Prizes)
Rs. 15003,000,000 PKR
(1 Prize)
1,000,000 PKR
(3 Prizes)
18,500 PKR
(1696 Prizes)
Rs. 750015,000,000 PKR
(1 Prize)
5,000,000 PKR
(3 Prizes)
93,000 PKR
(1696 Prizes)
Rs. 1500030,000,000 PKR
(1 Prize)
10,000,000 PKR
(3 Prizes)
185,000 PKR
(1696 Prizes)
Rs. 2500050,000,000 PKR
(1 Prize)
15,000,000 PKR
(3 Prizes)
312,000 PKR
(1696 Prizes)
Rs. 4000080,000,000 PKR
(1 Prize)
30,000,000 PKR
(3 Prizes)
500,000 PKR
(660 Prizes)

Prize Bond FAQs

Prize Bond is a reward bond provided by the National Savings of Pakistan. It is a bearer type of investment security, which gives no premium or profit.
A. You can check your prize bond in a simple way. Just check your prize bond from below Denomination lists and click on it. Then, new page open and that page contain all latest and previous prize bond lists.
A. If you have a winner and can not check due to some reason or forgot to check. Then, in case of winning draw prize bond, you can claimed your prize bond within 6 years.
A. Yes, you can download prize bond complete schedule of year 2021 just by click to download button of above left-bottom corner of the schedule.
You can buy Prize Bonds from any local bank, National Savings, or State Bank offices entire the Pakistan.
The Prize Bonds in Pakistan are available in Rs. 100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000, 25000, 40000 and 40,000 premium respectively.
Prize Bond Draws are held every second week, normally on the 1st working day of the month, and the middle of the month. Every denomination draw is held quarterly.

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