Ufone Internet Packages in 2021 for Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Ufone Internet Packages Updated 2021 Daily, Weekly & Monthly

New Ufone Internet Packages List

Are you searching Ufone Internet Packages for daily, weekly and monthly? Then, you are at best platform. Here, see ufone net packages complete information 3G, 4G services provided by ufone. In addition, information of ufone ‘s hourly internet plan can be found here. Furthermore, from here, search the eid deal or eid bundles. Ufone is a telecom service provider with GSM in Pakistan. In Pakistan market it was the third mobile operator to join. In January 2001 Pak Telecom Mobile Limited (PTML) or it launched its services under the brand name Ufone. Show More

From the outset, Ufone has improved its network and is actively working on it. All customers love ufone packages. The packages for Ufone sms are popular and provide numerous internet packages to the user.

Ufone provides you with a package that doesn’t have much volume and less cost. If your volume needs are huge and you want more info, Ufone packages have the buckets for you.

Important T&C for Ufone Internet Packages

  • Below all the packages only for prepaid users
  • To check the remaining package tools, dial *706#
  • All the above-mentioned Internet Ufone prices include taxes
  • You will get 150 more MBs before midnight after consuming 25 MBs.
  • WhatsApp calls are paying from the Internet package already subscribed
  • You can dial *3# for a favorite Internet packet from your 2G/3G computer or simply dial a specific code from an internet box.
  • Upon usage, charges will be kept under the standard tariff and i.e. the volume from a particular internet plan. Rs. 2.50 + MB tax

Ufone Hourly Internet Bundle

  • Package: Power Hour
    • Price: Rs. 7.17 Including Tax
    • Offered: 60 MBs Internet, 60 SMS, 60 On-net Minute
    • Validity: 1 Hour
    • How to Subscribe: Dial *99#
  • Package: Ufone Streaming Offer
    • Price: Rs. 10 Including Tax
    • Offered: 500 MBs Free Internet only for Youtube & Dailymotion
    • Validity: 1 Hour
    • How to Activate: Dial *78#

Ufone Daily Internet Packages

Ufone provides a list of six daily internet bundles to make the user able to access the internet all day, without thinking about the data charges. Depending on your requirements and demand, you can select any of the following. Show More

Ufone provides its valuable customers with seven daily internet packages. There is 40MB of internet and 500MB of regular lighting packages available for Facebook, Twitter, Line & WhatsApp. By calling *2256#, in just 12 rupees, you can avail of this plan.

Some people use cell phones overnight and want large amounts of internet. Mega Internet Package gives you 2GB of knowledge in 15 rupees.

  • Package: Ufone Special Daily 3G Package
    • Price: Rs. 6 Incl. Tax
    • Offered: 50 MBs Internet
    • Validity: 1 Day
    • How to Activate: Dial *3461#
  • Package: Ufone Free Facebook
    • Price: Rs. 0 Including Tax
    • Provide Offer: Unlimited Free MBs only for facebook
    • Duration: 1 day
    • How to Activate: Select Free Facebook option from the user
  • Package: Ufone Social Daily Package
    • Price: Rs. 6 Incl. Tax
    • Offered: 100 MBs Free Internet only for Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp
    • Validity: 1 Day
    • How to Activate: Dial *4422# or *3#
  • Package: Ufone Daily Chat Package
    • Price: Rs. 6 Incl.Tax
    • Offered: 500 MBs Internet, 10000 SMS
    • Validity: 1 Day
    • How to Activate: Dial *3465# or *3#
  • Package: Ufone Daily Light 3G Package
    • Price: Rs. 12 Incl. Tax
    • Offered: 40 MBs Including 500 MBs for social Bundle
    • Validity: 1 Day
    • How to Activate: Dial *2256# or *3#
  • Package: Mega Daily 3G Package
    • Price: Rs. 15 Incl. Tax
    • Offered: 2 GB Internet
    • Validity: 1 Day
    • How to Activate: Dial *550# or *3#
  • Package: Daily Heavy 3G Package
    • Price: Rs. 18 Incl. Tax
    • Offered: 75 MBs Internet and 500 MBs for Social bundle
    • Validity: 1 Day
    • How to Activate: Dial *2258# or *3#

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3 Day Ufone Social Bundle

By avail this offer, you will receive up to 500 mBs of WhatsApp, Facebook, Line and Twitter with an extra 100 mbs. 3 days from the date of operation and the price of this Internet package is Rs. 30. The internet service bundle is valid 3 days. You’re going to add *3350# to this bucket.

  • Package: 3 Day Bucket
  • Price: Rs. 25
  • Provide Offer: 100 MBs Free Internet with 500 MBs for whatsapp, facebook and twitter
  • How to Subscribe: Dial *3350#

Ufone Weekly Internet Packages

As the demand for the internet rises day by day, Ufone is also attempting to provide even more data volume for better internet packages. When you have a weekly internet package option, you do not need to trigger a package several times. You can enjoy with Facebook, Instagram or get any other Web services during the week with weekly internet packages. Show More

The photo can be exchanged, audio calls can be made, your friends can face times, etc. All you need to do is sign up for an ideal internet plan to fit your requirements. You can search Facebook, Instagram or any other web services during the week with weekly internet packages.
PackagesPriceDetail OfferValidityTo Activate
Ufone Weekly Light 3G PackageRs. 50250 MBs Including 2 GB Social Bundle7 DaysDial *7811# or *3#
Ufone Weekly Super Internet PackageRs. 1001 GB7 Days
Dial *220# or *3#
Ufone Weekly Heavy 3G PackageRs. 125500 MBs7 DaysDial *220# or *3# 

Ufone Super Internet
Rs. 1301 GB7 DaysDial *220# or *3#
Ufone Weekly Internet PlusRs. 1753 GBs7 DaysDial *260#
Ufone Super Mini Card OfferRs. 299500 SMS, 500 On-net Minutes, 75 Other network Minutes, 300 MBs7 DaysLoad Ufone Mini Super Card Worth of Rs. 299
Ufone Asli Chappar Phaar OfferRs. 1201 GB, 100 SMS, 100 On-net Minutes (Rs. 15 Per call charges)7 DaysDial *5050#

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Ufone Monthly Internet Packages List

Ufone also provides consumers with different monthly data bundles. Now only once a month trigger a packs and enjoy the rest of the days entire a month.

Just when they have to do assignments or do any kind of google browser, students don’t need big volume data packages that need the internet. You don’t have to spend much on the package in that case just choose the package that matches your needs.

PackagePriceOffer DetailValidityTo Activate
Ufone Sim Lagao OfferRs. 06 GBs, 6000 SMS, 6000 On-net Minutes,30 DaysDial *5000#
Ufone Monthly Lite PackageRs. 3901000 MBs Including 2 GB Social Data30 DaysDial *7807#
Ufone Monthly Max Offer Rs. 100010 GBs with 2 GB Social Media30 DaysDial *3350
Ufone Monthly Heavy 3GB Bundle Rs. 7803 GBs30 DaysDial *803#
Ufone Nayi SIM OfferRs. 501 GB for 2G/3G, 500 SMS, 500 On-net Minutes, 25 Other network minutes30 DaysDial *1000#
Super Card (550 Per Month)Rs. 5501.2 GB, 4000 SMS, 1000 On-net Minutes, 150 Other network minutes30 DaysLoad Super Card
Ufone Super Card PlusRs. 5992 GB, 4200 SMS, 1200 On-net Minutes, 180 Other network minutes30 DaysDial *250#
Ufone Social Monthly PackageRs. 601 for Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp30 Days
Dial *5858# or *3#

Other Internet Packages

  • Package: Super Recharge Package
    • Price: Rs. 50 Incl. Tax
    • Offered: 100 MBs, 700 SMS, 300 On-net Minutes, 10 Other Network Minutes
    • Validity: 2 Day
    • How to Activate: Dial *300#
  • Package: Ufone Super Mini Card
    • Price: Rs. 330 Incl. Tax
    • Offered: 600 MBs, 3500 SMS, 500 On-net Minutes, 75 Other network minutes
    • Validity: 15 Day
    • How to Activate: Dial *230#

Ufone Social Data Bundles

Hi people there, hope you ‘re all doing well. We gave you today Ufone Digital Internet Packages and Bundles for WhatsApp, Facebook , Instagram and Twitter. These applications on social media are the most successful and growing ones that we use. Especially the Youth are the ones who like to use these social media applications so they can keep updated with others and socialize by sharing their photos, pictures and ideas and chatting with others. Such shipments frequently go hard in our pocket and there are often unmet needs. Okay, for its users who want to socialize with Facebook , WhatsApp , Twitter and Instagram, Ufone has come up with a really suitable package.

To facilitate Ufone customers, It offers affordable internet packages which include daily, weekly , monthly, 3-day, and social internet data packages from Ufone Prepaid. The following are the four Ufone Prepaid Regular 3G/4 G or Internet packs, if you want to know about all the Ufone net packages.


Dial *780*3# to get information regarded to your current SIM number.
Dial *706# to check remaining MBs for prepaid users.
Dial *4545# to check remaining MBs for postpaid users.
To get the Ufone free 5 GB unlimited internet data offer dial *987#. After that, Dial *5015# code, you will receive a confirmation message enjoy it.
Ufone internet packages are deactivated automatically and need to to deactivate.