Ufone Number Check Code: How to Check Ufone SIM Number?

check ufone number code

How to Your Ufone Number Check?

Ufone Number Check Code: You can check your Ufone number in the following way:

  • Open your mobile keypad and dial the code *780*3# or *1# to check Your Current Ufone Number.
  • If you like to check Ufone number via SMS then type MNP in text box and send to the code 667.

An other way to check number is that the users also feel free to call the helpline to check all their Sim number details. To call Ufone from your cell phone, dial 333. Follow the operator ‘s directions cautiously and send you all of the information requested. The operator can exchange all information, along with Sim owner name, mobile number , date of activation, etc, if the number is entered under your CNIC.

As describe above with what you said about the various ways you can search for the phone number if you’ve had a ufone sim and do not know your contact information. Stay with us for a matter of moments and carefully read these directions.

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Briefly About Ufone

Ufone has become one of the largest telecom networks in the world with a consumer base to around 23 million. Due to its exceptional exposure throughout the world, it’s really the better outcome of very many Pakistani’s. Ufone seems to be the Pakistan mobile phone company Limited (PTCL) company. However, it is therefore part of Etisalat, the 14th leading telecommunications operator in the world, after the privatization of PTCL in 2006.

In 2001, Ufone began operating in Pakistan and soon became a favorite amongst the other country’s telecom operators. The year before last, in parts of the state such as Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Ufone introduced 4 G network. However, Ufone has extended its 4 G service in several regions of the world, like Lahore , Karachi, Abbottabad, Sialkot and so on just after recent launch of all its 4 G network in twin towns.

Terms & Conditions

  • Your cell number will appear free on your message in the form
  • You can search for Ufone Sim User, Registered Ufone Number and Ufone Sim Location by calling the help line
  • Only active sim will verify that inactive sim can not function.
  • To get more details, call Ufone’s help line
  • Codes can be change by Ufone at any time. If a code above is error check the Ufone website.

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